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Latest recommended release 2.93b

This is mainly maintainance release with bug fixes, handy DataSet API extensions, GUI and visualization improvements and comes with several packages:

In case that some of the above links is broken, all released packages are available here

To use Neuroph you need Java 1.8


Older releases are available for download here








2.5. Old Swing GUI, with support for new framework [32 Mb] Complete NetBeans project tree with sources for Neuroph framework        and easyNeurons GUI [19 Mb]

2.4. (sample OCR tools and API, stock market prediction sample, learning visualization samples, DynamicBackpropagation, BiasNeuron, min error change stop condition, pause learning feature and more)

2.3.1. (few bugfixes, improved graph view)

2.3. (Image recognition support, code samples, important API changes, improved documentation)

2.2 (improved backpropagation, gui, network error graph, training set imports, new networks and learning rules, help system)

2.1.1_beta (mainly bug fixes for the previous release)

2.1.0_beta (separated library from application, removed deprecated threading control, cleaned compilation warnings, plugins architecture, labels, improved gui)

2.0.0_alpha (added new GUI editor easyNeurons, network architectures and learning rules)

1.0.1_alpha (added serialization support and various optimizations)

1.0.0_alpha and it contains:

  • Full Java sources
  • API documentation
  • Demo application with GUI for creating and training neural networks
  • Short introductory tutorial


NEAT Support Demo release of NEAT support for Neuroph is available for download here

Softpedia guarantees that Neuroph is 100% Free, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.


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